Pharmaceutics department deals with various strategies concerned with administration of therapeutic active agents to the body by several routes. It includes study of designing, development and evaluation of conventional and novel drug delivery systems.... Read More


Our pharmacology department is equipped with all the required INSTRUMENTS like Eddy’s hot plate, Rota rod, actophoto meter, organ bath, instruments for haemocytometry, ECG apparatus, Cook’s pole climbing apparatus, Student’s physiograph.... Read More

Pharmaceutical chemistry

Analysis of drugs and pharmaceuticals forms the backbone of research and development in pharmaceutical industry. The department focuses on training the graduate and post graduate students on how to use the modern and newer instrumental analytical techniques .... Read More


Pharmacognosy is a multidisciplinary subject that comprises parts of Botany, natural product chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. Today Pharmacognosy can be defined as “a molecular science that explores naturally occurring structure-activity relationships with a drug potential”..... Read More