Pharmacognosy is a multidisciplinary subject that comprises parts of Botany, natural product chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. Today Pharmacognosy can be defined as “a molecular science that explores naturally occurring structure-activity relationships with a drug potential”.

In two years of U.G. course the student will learn different aspects of pharmacognosy such as identification of medicinal and aromatic plants , isolation and estimation of important therapeutically active phytoconstituents from plants, formulate and standardize various herbal products, use the latest techniques for search of new products, quality control of herbal drugs and basic requirement for establishment of herbal drug industry.

The department of pharmacognosy is well equipped with modern equipments and apparatus required for extraction/ isolation and standardization of phytoconstituents from medicinal plants. The department is equipped with modern teaching aids like computers (with internet facility), LCD and OHP and other important equipments viz.,

  1. BOD incubator,
    1. laminar air flow
    2. Vacuum oven,
    3. Muffle furnace,
    4. Rotary flash evaporator and
    5. Soxhlet apparatus of various capacity
  2. Projection microscope
  3. Fluorimeter
  4. Moisture balance

  5. Research activities:

    The on-going research activities of the department are in the areas of
    1. Isolation of natural constituents.
    2. Formulation and evaluation of herbal drugs.
    3. Standardization and quality control of herbal products.
    4. Evaluation of chemical and biological activity profile of medicinal plants.
    5. Validated method development for quantification of marker compounds using High Performance Thin Layer Chromatographic Technique.