IICP College of Pharmacy


A Constituent College of CVM University
Vallabh Vidyanagar

approved by pharmacy council of india(PCI) New Delhi and AICTE

President's Message

President's Message

Pharmaceutical sciences are an important part of our health care system and have gone through several paradigm shifts in the last century. Education in all its forms, liberates a person from the darkness of ignorance, fears and myths. In-fact, it empowers an individual intellectually and spiritually. Our teacher plays a vital role in developing a versatile personality in the students with the inculcation of sound ethics and moral values. They give them "Enthusiasm" which is the nectar of life. The moment one feels enthusiastic, a spring of energy starts flowing from within. This energy, directly oozing from the eternal source which connects to God (within us) and makes miracle happen. We, at Charutar Vidya Mandal (CVM) University are committed to preserve the best interests of the students of all the colleges and expect the same kind of commitment in return. The Institute will provide skilled and specialized professionals who will contribute not only to the development of the industry but also to the welfare of the community. I wish all the staff and students of IICP all the best in their endeavours.

Er. Shri. Bhikhubhai. B. Patel
CVM University